Mora Amaro & Marcus Nalgaber

Contemporary art duo

Mora Amaro, Writer and poet of contemporary poetry published under the motto Poetry of Life.

Special Prize by the Lycée Français

Creator of the Collection of Poems "Woman Secrets"

Rhapsode and active collaborator in Cultural Foundations

Pioneer in Music applied to Poetry

Painter and illustrator

Marcus Nalgaber, Composer and guitarist with 20 albums released by international record labels

More than 600 compositions registered in the SGAE.

Special mentions in press and media.

Onacarom, company founded in the year 1977 by two international artists with an extensive career and countless collaborations with the most International Cultural Foundations


Our Philosophy


-The art is an oasis in any desert.

-Music and language are essential tools of life.

-Music and words are emotional vibrations.

-The laughter should be smart.